MyBlindCO- Window Covering Software



Log in Once a Day.
Operate your business from your Ipad Anywhere.
Save Time and Money.


Manage your and Staff Appointments on a Monthly or Daily View.
Create New Customers and Quotes from the Calendar View.
Select from Existing Customer List to Add Appointments.
See Appointment History for each Customer in Calendar View.


Manage your Customers using simple Alphabetical Search.
Bring up all your Customer History Fast and Easy.
Create Quotes from Customer View with one Touch.
Add a Customer to the Calendar Quick and Easy.


Create a Quote for a Customer without having to Re Type Customer Information.
Create Professional Quotes for Multiple Manufactures with one Easy to Use App.
Email Quotes to Customers with Personalized Text and Company Logos Quick and Easy.
Convert Quotes to Orders; Duplicate Quotes to make multiple versions with one Touch.
Manage and Have Access to Customer info, Quotes and Orders from the Convenience of Your iPad; Quick and Easy – No More File Folders


Choose from Google or Apple Maps to map to your Appointment with the App.
With One Touch, get Directions to your Next Appointment.
No Re-entering Customer Addresses into a GPS, just use your Ipad.

Built for Speed and Efficiency to Make you More Money.
Quote Multiple Manufacturers from One Software.
The most cost effective tool in the industry; Upto 2 Users for $75 and Upto 4 Users for $150 per month.
Enter the Customer’s Information one time; Never Duplicate your Efforts Again.
Super Simple in Home Quoting, Anywhere at Anytime.
Easy to Learn, Easy to Use and Easy to Train Employees to Use.
Super Easy and Fast to Set Up.
Super Customer Signature on the iPad; Close the Job in the Home.
Email Quotes and Orders from your iPad before you leave the Home.
Transfer Orders to Quickbooks with Four Mouse Clicks.
You will Be Able to Create Invoices in Quickbooks without Retyping Detailed Order Information; Saving You Time or Paying Someone Else to do IT!
Operate your Entire Company from Your iPad in the Field.
Operate your Business Paperless; Save Big $ on Ink Toner and Paper; Get Rid of All Those Banker Boxes!
Always have a Backup of your Quotes and Orders Online that can be Accessed from Anywhere.
Manage your Staff and Clients from your desk or your Car.
Google Maps to your Appointment from the App.
Generate Purchase Orders and Email Directly to Your Manufacturers. Quote to Clients with or without Dimensions Showing.
Look Professional with Beautiful Quotes and Orders that your Customer will Appreciate Having Before you Leave their Home; No more I will Get Back to You!
PEACE OF MIND. Your Job as a Salesperson is DONE; Go Home to Your Family; Not Your Desk to Crank out a Couple More of Hours of Quotes.
Installation Forms without Costs for your Installer to Use if you Choose.